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“Tim’s voice is very “REAL”. Very relatable. It has a trustworthy, seasoned and sensible tone and feel to it that makes him appropriate for MANY types of narration as well as commercial voice overs. With a voice that sells and tells…Tim’s adds a great element to any project he works on.” – Mike Elmore, voiceover coach, producer 

“Tim fits the bill. He delivers product quickly, the quality of his recordings is excellent and the resonance of his voice is exceptional. Since changing to an automated answering system, True North has received many compliments about his voice from internal and external users.” Elizabeth C., Finance and HR Director

“Tim provided quality voiceover work for a very important project. We are building our organization’s volunteer training around e-learning Tim professionally narrated. Start to finish, Tim was easy to work with.” Rev Nate D., Forgotten Man Ministries

“Tim’s delivery is warm, friendly, and believable. Great quality voiceover for most any project.” Victor M., Technical Training Specialist